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IBC totes: recycling and proper use

IBC totes: recycling and proper use
  • The life cycle of an IBC / Recycling an IBC / How are recycled IBC used?

Today, certain types of packaging can be recycled and reused several times before being scrapped in a landfill.

For instance, 1000L IBC containers can be washed or reconditioned (by changing the bag).

  • The life cycle of an IBC
  • Recycling an IBC
  • How are recycled IBC used?


The life cycle of an IBC

Le cycle de vie d'un conteneur plastique 1000 litres


Recycling an IBC

What happens with IBCs collected after use? 

After they've been used, some IBCs (1000 litres containers) are collected and sent to specialised recycling sites. Some will be considered as not reusable and thrown away but the others will be recycled : cleaning / cleaning + rebottlling /  shredding

Le circuit de recyclage d'un IBC, conteneur plastique 1000 litres


How are recycled IBC can be used?secteur-chimie-peinture

=> Washed 1000 litres IBCs

These IBCs are suitable for many industrial applications such as packaging non-sensitive chemicals, cleaning products and detergents, lubricants, low added value products or for waste recovery.

But beware, PE is a permeable material. This means that despite careful and thorough cleaning, these recycled IBCs may retain some molecules of the product they contained previously.

They should not be used to package sensitive products, water (for watering gardens), foodstuffs, cosmetics or pharmaceuticals

=>    Rebottled 1000 litres IBCs

After reconditioning (used bag removed and replaced with a new bag / thorough cleaning of the cage and pallet / inspections and tests), "new bag" IBCs are just as good as new IBCs.

They are therefore suitable for all industries.


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