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Open-top metal cans

Fidel Fillaud offers industrial open top metal cans. These cans can be used to package non-aqueous products as their interior is unlined. Option of unlined or white exterior depending on the model. Our open top cans have a diameter of 99 mm with volumes from 275 ml to 1.25 litres. Tinplate is a durable and recyclable material.

Ø 99 mm open top tinplate can with unlined interior

Ø 99 mm open top tinplate can with unlined interior

Material : Tinplate
Interior : Bare
Diameter (mm) : 99

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1 L open top industrial aluminium cartridge unlined/unlined

Material : Aluminium
Interior : Bare
Diameter (mm) : 0

Cylindrical tinplate cans are metal containers used by the chemical industries to package: veterinary products, resins, chemicals, etc.

Details of our range of open-top metal cans: volume of 275 ml to 1.25 litres, diameter from 65 mm to 99 mm, Easy Open option available, unlined interior, white or unlined exterior. This type of metal can is close to food cans, but open-top industrial cans are not compatible with food use.

Crimping ensures that tinplate cans have a perfect seal.

Metal containers can be completely recycled. Though relatively old, tinplate cans are well suited to current needs in recycling and eco-responsibility. They are round containers that meet consumers’ needs.