Environmental responsibility: Fidel Fillaud ECOsphere

The CSR policy of the Fidel Fillaud Group includes an environmental responsibility component.

Our Environmental Responsibility approach, “Fidel Fillaud ECOsphere”, is a global strategy that combines actions to protect the environment and an offer of eco-friendly packaging.



Eco-friendly approach

sorting recycling

Sites equipped for waste recycling:

  • Bins for cardboard / plastic / metal / wood / non-recyclables
  • Paper recycling bins in the offices

European emission standards, the so-called Euro standards, set the maximum toxic emission limits for road vehicles. This is an increasingly stringent series of standards that apply to new vehicles.


A fleet of dedicated vehicles compliant with the “Euro 6” emission standard and drivers trained in eco-driving.


Depuis toujours, nous avons fait le choix de travailler majoritairement avec des fabricants d’emballages basés en France & en Europe, d’une part pour des critères de qualité de produits, d’autre part pour un bilan carbone plus faible.

=> 99% de fournisseurs localisés sur le continent européen dont 44% de fournisseurs français

We have always chosen to work primarily with partners based in France & Europe, partly for product quality criteria, and partly for a reduced carbon footprint.

=> 99% of our suppliers are on the European continent inclunding 44% of French suppliers


less paper:

  • digitisation of invoices
  • digitisation of payslips
  • digital sales book (fewer brochures)

less travel:

  • more video-conferencing
  • more e-learning

In our range, there is a selection of eco-friendly products. Expanding this offer is a priority to satisfy consumer demand.

Our CAP 2022 objective: 25% eco-friendly packaging for active plastic items.



Eco-friendly offer

pcr & pir

  • rPET bottles, jars, and pill bottles
  • rHDPE bottles and jars 
  • rHDPE drums
  • rPP buckets
  • rPP and rPE pallets
  • Lids

PCR = Post Consumer Recycled 
Packaging made from recycled (post-consumer crushed) packaging
PIR = Post Industrial Recycled 
Packaging made with 100% production waste
(no passage through the consumer)


  • Washed and rebuilt IBCs
  • Reused drums




  • bioPET bottles, jars, and pill bottles
  • bioHDPE bottles




  • Flexible pouch
  • Flexible bottle
  • Airless pouch
  • Kraft drum


Recycled plastic bottles

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