Environmental Responsibility

Implementing actions and providing eco-concept packaging

•    Waste sorting/recycling: installation of recycling bins on our sites for sorting paper & card–plastic packaging–metal packaging–wooden pallets
•    Undertaking of a renewal programme for our lorry fleet: bringing all vehicles into compliance with pollution reduction standard ‘‘Euro 6’’
•    Prioritizing partnerships with French and European manufacturers: reduced carbon footprint
•    Several examples of “eco-concept” packaging in our range:

=>   Recycled IBCs (1000-litre containers washed or refurbished for reuse)  
=>   Flexible pouches (optimum use of up to 99% of the contents, meaning less residual waste, reduced transport volume, and recyclability)
=>   PCR drums (plastic drums made from recycled materials) 
=>   Eco Cans (stackable when empty enabling 60% volume saving; no ring, enabling total emptying and therefore less residual waste)

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