Social Responsibility

Privileging well-being at work and nurturing team spirit

•    Well-being at work: creation of rest places, engaging of specialists (ergonomics, naturopathy), provision of fruit baskets, improvements to workstations
•    Friendly relations: festive events on a group-wide scale, seminars, social activities budget, etc.
•    Active listening to employees: in-house satisfaction surveys, individual CEO/employee exchanges
•    Social benefits: luncheon vouchers, holiday vouchers, children’s Christmas gift vouchers, access to reduction packages from inter-company staff welfare organizations, etc. 
•    "Vis ma vie"—give my life a try: employees discover the everyday jobs of colleagues in different departments 


15th & 16th September 2017: the 140 employees met at the FIDEL Azur, for a Group's event.

Actions favouring a mixed workforce with equal opportunities

Fidel Fillaud signed the French "Charter of Corporate Diversity" , proving our commitment to combat discrimination in the workplace and promote diversity.

Since 2010, we have implemented a number of actions to promote diversity within our agencies and to prevent discrimination based on gender, ethnicity or disability:

  • Develop access to employment for disabled people

  • Open up jobs for young people

  • Actively pursuing a non-discriminatory hiring policy

  • Our managers respect the Diversity Charter

Induction, training, skill development

•    Induction course: a structured programme to let all new starters understand how the company functions and learn about the different trades practised there
•    Training: access to in-house training courses on packaging and to external courses
    Skill development: skills database and a complete tool for assessing these skills, complementing the yearly appraisal interviews

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