We are making changes to our tube cutting service under our new CSR policy

October 2018 - For several years, we have offered our customers an exclusive service: custom cutting of dip tubes for pumps and sprayers to fit their bottles.

Initially, this service was outsourced through our partnerships with job programs for people with disabilities. However, given the increasing demand, we had to find a solution to improve performance and lead times

Food packaging: an expanded offering in 2018

October 2018 - The research work initiated in 2017 by our Products Branch has enabled us to expand our offering of food-grade containers:

  • glass jars
  • Top Down squeezer bottles
  • new range of cylindrical PET bottles

Partnership RPC Bramlage/Fidel Fillaud: jars by the millions

April 2018 - We are increasing our sales of jars, be they large, small, screwlock or snaplock! With RPC Bramlage South, we sold over 5 million jars in 2017!

Fidel Fillaud employees receive CPR training

October 2017 - For 2 days, the employees of the Fidel Fillaud Group left the workplace to attend a corporate event. During the event, they received basic cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) training.


PET Power and Fidel Fillaud: the rising power of a solid, long-term partnership

July 2017
- Realizing the need to reorganize the sales circuit for its products in France, Dutch manufacturer PET Power has called on its long-standing partner Fidel Fillaud.

2016-2017: results and prospects for the Fidel Fillaud Group

March 2017: Review of 2016 with Jean-François Boutier, CEO

Did Fidel Fillaud achieve its objectives in terms of growth? Major highlights of 2016 & focus and objectives for 2017

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