2016-2017: results and prospects for the Fidel Fillaud Group

March 2017: Review of 2016 with Jean-François Boutier, CEO

Did Fidel Fillaud achieve its objectives in terms of growth? Major highlights of 2016 & focus and objectives for 2017


Review of 2016 with Jean-François Boutier, CEO

Did Fidel Fillaud achieve its objectives in terms of growth?

"Yes, our financial results are positive. In 2016, the Fidel Fillaud Group continued and even intensified its growth. We had a successful year in terms of sales, recruited 17 people, increased the number of items sold* and achieved our revenue target with €60M*, an increase of 6%."



Could you tell us about 3 major highlights of 2016?

"The big highlight of the past year is of course our new ERP. I will not dwell on the specifics, which have already been discussed in a previous article, but I do want to praise the tremendous energy deployed by our teams in carrying out this project.  I also thank our customers for their understanding. Some of them were impacted by the problems and issues inherent in the roll-out of a new system. And again, I apologize.



In 2016, other major events were the relocation of our Toulouse agency with an increase in storage capacity of nearly 30%, and a vast group logistics project in which all our warehouses were fully renovated and upgraded with new equipment (new racks, new addressing, picking routes, mobile devices, wi-fi routers, etc.).



Finally, I think it's important to emphasize that we have again increased the number of items available in our range*, by entering into new agreements with suppliers and by including more items from our Belgian subsidiary (SEPAC) in our global Group offering."

*66 million containers and 58 million caps & accessories
*Total revenue France + Belgium
*Fidel Fillaud offers a range of 4500 items

Focus and objectives for 2017

In 2016, the Fidel Fillaud Group laid the foundations for its new technical infrastructure. In 2017 we will consolidate an architecture that will provide better customer service and a more attractive offer.


Ensuring traceability

In the new ERP, we can record the batch number of an item in order to track it from the time it enters the Fidel Fillaud warehouse until it is delivered to the customer. The goal for 2017 is to shift to batch management and cover 100% of our range by the end of the year. Traceability is important in all sectors and is critical in the food sector, where Fidel Fillaud plans to grow its business.

Capitalizing on the upgraded warehouses

The warehouses were reorganized in order to optimize storage space and increase the % of products available from stock.
The techniques and systems implemented are designed to facilitate order preparation to reduce errors and improve the quality of preparation.

Enriching our offer

We are always looking for new partners to enrich our offer of packaging solutions and provide our customers with the most comprehensive solution, and 2017 is no exception to this rule. We are working to establish new partnerships to develop our range of containers for the food industry and offer a range of handling equipment.

Offering a customer space with more features

The Fidel Fillaud customer space offers new features such as order and invoice tracking. The technical database (product data sheets, certification reports, etc.) is also updated daily and available to customers.




Participating in sector-based regional trade shows

This year, our agency managers decided to participate in trade shows "close to home" to learn more about the expectations in their area and propose solutions that best meet local needs.

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