45-year partnership with the manufacturer MAUSER

45-year partnership with the manufacturer MAUSER
February 2016 - Mauser and Fidel Fillaud have been partners since 1972. To showcase a relationship of trust that has lasted almost 45 years, we wanted to hear from the 2 partners and from a customer.

Founded in 1896 near Cologne, Mauser designs and manufactures packaging for the chemical, paint, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and food industries. With over 4000 employees and revenue of 1.3 billion euros, Mauser Group is a global leader in industrial packaging.

Mauser is also one of Fidel Fillaud's oldest "supplier partnerships". The distribution agreement was signed when Mauser France opened in 1972. The two groups have been working together for nearly 45 years. This longstanding partnership, fruit of a close relationship between the manufacturer and the distributor, has grown stronger year after year, allowing Fidel Fillaud to expand its offering in all areas of activity.



The partnership seen by...

Fidel Fillaud







Jerome Barbin, you are a buyer at Fidel Fillaud, in charge of the relationship with Mauser. Can you tell us briefly what this partnership brings to Fidel Fillaud and what benefits it provides for our customers?

  • It allows us to offer our customers containers designed and manufactured by a company famous worldwide for its reliable products, and to distribute a wide range of containers featuring European quality: jerricans and plastic drums from 20 to 220 L, metal drums from 30 to 235 L, 1000L IBC totes and laboratory bottles and jars.
  • Mauser's strong presence in Europe with manufacturing facilities in different countries is reassuring for us and our customers.
  • With the ECO-CYCLE concept introduced by Mauser, we can offer our customers "eco-responsible" packaging. 

The ECO-CYCLE concept combines innovation (Ecodesign product development => see our article on PCR drums) and sustainability (recovery, reconditioning and recycling of used containers => see our article on reconditioned and remanufactured IBCs).


JdF José Da Fonseca, you are Sales Director for Southern Europe at Mauser. Can you tell us what Fidel Fillaud means to Mauser?

There are 2 basic points for us as a manufacturer: the first is that Fidel Fillaud is a recognized name with longstanding experience in the field of packaging. The second is that with just 6 agencies in France, Fidel Fillaud covers the entire country and therefore represents an excellent distribution network.

Moreover, Fidel Fillaud and Mauser share many values, including customer focus, innovation and sustainable development.

So it makes sense that the very solid partnership between Fidel Fillaud and Mauser is growing stronger every day.


      ? You have been the Fidel Fillaud contact for 3 years, in your opinion what are the most important events of this collaboration?

All our technical and sales teams and I were happy to continue on with this longstanding, strong relationship.  Despite serious disruptions, as in recent months when we had problems with the raw materials, we have always found solutions to ensure a steady supply and satisfy our customers.

      ?  What do you value most in your relationship with Fidel Fillaud?

Beyond the business relationship and negotiations which are always very exciting, they always respect their commitments, which is an essential foundation for building a lasting relationship.  It is also a human-sized company that I've known for over 10 years, always dealing with the same people.

       ? How do you see the Mauser-Fidel Fillaud partnership over the next 3 years?

Again, I see an ongoing relationship, and I just hope we carry on as we have during the last 3 years!


The customer's viewpoint: Interview with the Takasago purchasing department

Takasago_logoTakasago is a Japanese international group specializing in the Flavors & Fragrances industry.

Founded in 1920, today Takasago is a world leader with operations in 28 countries and over 3,000 employees.

Our client is the Takasago production site based in Saint-Ouen l'Aumône, specializing in the manufacture of fragrance concentrates for the perfumery, cosmetics and personal care sectors

  • You buy 225-litre metal drums with inner coatings manufactured by Mauser from us. How does this product meets your needs?

We make perfuming compositions, technical products that require chemically compatible containers, and Mauser's drums with inner coatings provide just that.

Moreover, our products are subject to regulations on the transport of hazardous liquids. Again, Mauser drums, UN rated for liquids, satisfy these requirements.

Finally, these containers meet the needs of our customers.

  • How do Fidel Fillaud personnel meet your expectations in terms of quality of service?

We have been Fidel Fillaud customers since 2013, and we are pleased with our business relationship.  There is always someone available to talk to and respond quickly to our needs, even when we need to place urgent orders.

  • What do you value most in your relationship with Fidel Fillaud?

Without hesitation, their quick response times, both for ordinary orders and when dealing with a potential problem.
For instance, once, there was a problem with one of your deliveries. Fidel Fillaud personnel went to the site right away (sales and quality personnel) to assess the situation and Mauser quickly implemented corrective action. The relationship of trust between Fidel Fillaud and its supplier made it possible to find a quick solution.


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