CAPS - FIDEL FILLAUD: a deepening partnership

One of our commitments is providing our customers with dependable packaging solutions for the storage, transportation and commercialization of their products.

We achieve this by building and maintaining partnerships with leading manufacturers.

The alliance formed in 2009 with CAPS, a French company specializing in extrusion blow moulding of plastic bottles and jars, is an excellent example of a lasting and effective partnership.


The partnership seen by...


Lionel Prou, Purchasing, Marketing and QSE Manager

Lionel Prou, after 8 years of working with CAPS, what is your view on this partnership?

"Our partnership with CAPS has allowed us to expand our range of PE containers for chemicals and detergents and plastic containers for different types of products in many sectors of application.


With CAPS' expertise and our extensive distribution network, we are able to offer our customers products with genuine technical qualities and drive growth on these ranges.


In 8 years of collaboration, we have developed increasingly strong ties and worked on a growing number of projects together. In the last 3 years we have doubled our sales with CAPS, which is now one of our Top 15 suppliers. This is a great success!" 


3 questions for Jean-Pierre Keller, Director of Sales

  • What do you value most about your relationship with Fidel Fillaud?

What we value most about Fillaud Fidel is that we have been able to build a real partnership over the past 8 years. Their commercial coverage makes our products available in all possible sectors. Their professionalism combined with our technical expertise enables us to meet the demands of their customers.

  • You have been a partner of Fidel Fillaud since 2009, what are the main advantages of your collaboration with Fidel Fillaud?

Fidel Fillaud pushes CAPS to grow both technically and when it comes to developing new standards. So our sales are growing steadily and Fidel Fillaud is now one of our top 10 customers.

Our two companies have a customer-oriented focus and we fully share these values.

  • How do you see the future of your partnership with Fidel Fillaud? How could the partnership develop?

The future with Fidel Fillaud looks bright. We must increase the contacts between our two companies and continue to develop the existing partnership.

As for the areas for development, CAPS has invested in PET processing machines. This is where we will have to focus the efforts of our two companies.

Finally, how would you define Fidel Fillaud in a few words?

In a few words, I would say professionalism, team spirit and friendly working relations!


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