Fidel Fillaud, exclusive distributor for a global leader in sprayers!

Fidel Fillaud, exclusive distributor for a global leader in sprayers!

September 2015 - Fidel Fillaud partners with Guala Dispensing.

With this agreement, Fidel Fillaud expands its range of trigger sprayers and offers the quality of the No. 1 in Europe and No. 2 worldwide!


Thanks to the high-tech design and reliability of its products, and its production capacity, Guala Dispensing, an Italian manufacturer, is a global leader on the trigger sprayers market.

It offers products combining shelf impact, efficiency and ease of use.

Guala Dispensing is a company of the Italian Group "Guala Pack Group". It opened in 1992 with the creation and production of the first pre-compression sprayer called TS1. Since then, the subsidiary has regularly introduced innovative products on the market and in particular the 100% plastic sprayers TS3 (in 2003) and TS5 (in 2014).

Following a trade agreement, Fidel Fillaud became the exclusive distributor for Guala Dispensing in France and Belgium.

GUALA key facts and figures:

  • Superior quality with 3 certifications (ISO 9001: quality & customer satisfaction, ISO 14000: environmental, OHSAS 18001: safety), 80 employees working on quality out of 350
  • Arecognized supplier: World No. 2 for sprayers and No. 1 in Europe
  • 950 million trigger sprayers produced in 2014

Fidel Fillaud now offers 3 new sprayers suitable for all business sectors

TS3 Dexter Sprayer

TS1 Pre-compression Sprayer

TS5 Pre-compression Sprayer

 TS3-Dexter TS3-colors  TS1  TS5


"I have had the pleasure of working with Guala in the past. They are a market leader with an excellent reputation in terms of product quality and customer service. Partnering with this renowned group is a tremendous advantage for Fidel Fillaud and allows us to complete our range of sprayers with successful new products."

Aurore Monier, Buyer at Fidel Fillaud

2 companies that value young people



In Italy, Guala supports the ASCAL, an association that promotes youth education in the fields of economics and politics.

In France, Fidel Fillaud is involved locally in education through various actions (receiving interns, partnerships with high schools).

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