Fidel Fillaud Group audited by Planet’RSE on CSR

intensifying our CSR approach

July 2019 - In the program for our CAP 2022 business plan, we have included “intensifying our CSR approach”. To evaluate the CSR actions already in place and define the next steps, we have chosen to join Planet’RSE, a French platform for grading and evaluating CSR.

This association has developed CSR criteria for auditing each of its members. This audit covers 1000 points and is based on a table of 51 criteria for obtaining an objective, quantified analysis of initiatives in terms of social responsibility.

The Fidel Fillaud Group was audited by Planet’RSE on 24 June 2019 on 5 categories of criteria: governance, economic, social, societal, and environmental. As soon as we have the results, we will work on the identified areas of improvement.


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