Food packaging: an expanded offering in 2018

October 2018 - The research work initiated in 2017 by our Products Branch has enabled us to expand our offering of food-grade containers:

  • glass jars
  • Top Down squeezer bottles
  • new range of cylindrical PET bottles

A large range of food-grade glass jars

  When it comes to food-grade glass jars, we have an extensive range:

•    Glass jars with metal lids
•    Glass jars with swing-top lids and rubber seals
•    Glass spice jars with various closures

 "We have chosen to position ourselves on a line of Premium jars composed of tall or extra tall neck straight jars, short neck straight jars and square jars,” says Gwenaelle Joly, Group Buyer. "We have also added 4 capacities of swing-top jars and a spice jar, with a matching screw cap, flapper cap or grinder.” 


Food-grade plastic bottles and sauce bottles

As for plastic food-grade bottles, we are expanding our offering with:

  • Top Down squeezer bottles

These bottles are suitable for packaging and dispensing sauces, toppings and coulis and have 2 interesting technical features: they can be filled at up to 96° and are impermeable to oxygen

For more information, visit our page “Top Down plastic bottles for sauces, toppings and coulis”, click below :

  • Food-grade cylindrical PET bottle

These PET bottles are suitable for packaging soup, fruit juice, coulis, smoothies, milk, drinkable yoghurt, egg products, etc.

Aurore Monier, Group Buyer, tells us why she chose these bottles: "I was first impressed by the broad range of 8 capacities in clear or white and the wide choice of lid colours. What convinced me was that the manufacturer also offered automated packing in boxes at the end of the production line, which controls the contamination risks inherent in human handling." 

Recycled plastic bottles

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