Opt for the ready-to-fill sleeved jerrican with Fidel Fillaud and Décomatic

Opt for the ready-to-fill sleeved jerrican with Fidel Fillaud and Décomatic

January 2016 - Originally, it was in response to a specific customer request that Fidel Fillaud contacted Décomatic, with 40 years of experience in the design and manufacture of sleeves.

Subsequently, other customers asked us for sleeves for their containers. We decided to develop a comprehensive offering with our partners (jerrican manufacturers and Décomatic).


A new service

Today, Fidel Fillaud offers a new service: ready-to-use sleeved jerricans delivered to the customer.

This offering includes selection of stackable and non-stackable jerricans in varying capacities and a selection of fluorinated jerricans.
With this service, we help our customers stand out from the crowd. We provide support in choosing your containers and promoting your products with high quality graphics.

We chose to partner with Décomatic due to their fine reputation. Their team of graphic designers, their high-tech equipment and their experience guarantee excellent print quality.


A logical partnership

"Fast response, customer focus and anticipation are the core elements of our sleeve offering.
We use our skills in graphics, printing and finishing to satisfy our customers so they can focus on their own business.
This is exactly what Fidel Fillaud does through its local agencies serving its customers. 
This makes Fidel Fillaud the perfect partner to offer sleeves and sleeving solutions on a wide range of containers for various applications."

Thierry Vial, Décomatic Market Manager


"We know Décomatic well, since they already produce stretch sleeves for some of our clients. Originally our two companies came together to respond to a specific request for sleeved jerricans, and we were awarded the contract.

Décomatic was a logical choice, since they are a leader in the field of stretch and shrink sleeves in France and Europe.

Moreover, Décomatic specializes in the production of small and medium runs, from 1000-1.5 million maximum, which corresponds to the needs of our customers and prospects.

Finally, Décomatic already knows our packaging products, since they are in direct contact with our stackable and non-stackable jerrican manufacturing partners."

Matthieu POIRIER, Fidel Fillaud buyer



Fidel Fillaud and Décomatic, shared values

Fidel Fillaud and Décomatic share the same values and both are involved in social and societal actions: both family businesses have signed the Diversity Charter, have a policy for people with disabilities and regularly host teachers with their classes and interns. Find out more


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