Partnership RPC Bramlage/Fidel Fillaud: jars by the millions

April 2018 - We are increasing our sales of jars, be they large, small, screwlock or snaplock! With RPC Bramlage South, we sold over 5 million jars in 2017!
This success is the result of long-term cooperation and a relationship of trust developed year after year.

Snaplock jar

Optima jar


RPC Bramlage South, our partner for nearly 30 years, supports us with a wide variety of PP jars of all sizes (from 5 ml to more than 2,000 ml) and all types - Screwlock, Snaplock, Optima and Easylock.

A subsidiary of the world leader RPC, RPC Bramlage South produces most of its jars in its automated plant in Oyonnax, France, and can deliver the desired quantities to our main warehouses.

Packaging specialist RPC Bramlage South is a reliable partner that is always ready and willing to discuss new ideas and market trends and to work with us on special requests and customization solutions.

Easylock jar



Srewlock jar


Recycled plastic bottles

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