PET Power and Fidel Fillaud: the rising power of a solid, long-term partnership

July 2017
- Realizing the need to reorganize the sales circuit for its products in France, Dutch manufacturer PET Power has called on its long-standing partner Fidel Fillaud.

“A wealth of experience, coupled with a nationwide network of sales and logistics offices in France, has made Fidel Fillaud a successful distributor of PET Power products in France for more than 20 years. It therefore makes sense to us to strengthen our collaboration with this heavyweight partner in order to continue providing quality, close-at-hand service to the customer.” PET Power CEO Marcel Schröder


“Since PET Power’s founding in 1995, we have had faith in the company's ability to innovate, design, and manufacture high quality products and to develop its range. Today, we are delighted to see this faith rewarded through the rise in power of a solid, ongoing partnership that will enable us to offer our customers a wide-ranging choice of PET jars and bottles” FIDEL FILLAUD Group CEO Jean-François Boutier

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