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Eco-designed AIRLESS bottles

Eco-designed AIRLESS bottles



AIRLESS bottles are easy to use and protect the product

  • easy to fill
  • precise and even dispensing
  • pump can be used at 360°.
  • pump can be locked
  • product is protected thanks to the internal multilayer pouch that provides an oxygen barrier


*AirFree® Vega bottle and Ecosolution™ pump

Eco-designed container

  • the inner pouch allows a much higher restitution rate than a conventional bottle, even for high viscosities
  • no use of propellant
  • pump manufactured with 50% fewer parts (compared to conventional pumps)
  • 100% plastic (no metal or glass in the pump)
  • eco-certifiable
  • 100% recyclable bottle and pump


The range of Airless pouch bottles...

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Reference 26441 26436 26442 26443 26444
Capacity 50ml 100ml 200ml 400ml 500ml
Color White White White White White
Availability stocked stocked stocked

on request

MOQ 5000

on request

MOQ 5000

Available in natural colour on request (MOQ 5,000 units)

Colour-impregnated option available on request (MOQ 25,000 units)

...and the Ecosolution™ pumps

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Reference 26446 26447
Material PP/PE PP/PE
Neck Short Long
Dose 1,4 ml 1,4 ml
Color White White
Overacap Yes-Natural* No
Availability stocked

on request

MOQ 5000

*Overcap available in white on request (MOQ 5,000)

On request, pumps for high viscosity products (MOQ 5,000 units)


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