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Pails, jerrycans, drums and IBCs for the agribusiness industry

April 2019 - Fidel Fillaud proposes a wide range of containers suitable for packaging powders and liquids. These containers comply with the requirements of the agribusiness sector: hygiene, preservation of foodstuffs, transport and storage conditions.

Pumps for bottles: soap, gel, cream, oil dispensers, etc.

March 2019 - You are looking for the perfect accessory for easy and practical use of your viscous or pasty products (cream, gel, soap, milk, laundry detergent, oil, etc.). Fidel Fillaud proposes a wide range of dispensing pumps for bottles, suitable for numerous applications - dose dispensed from 0.13 mL to 4 mL, various neck finishes, with or without transport clip, etc.

  • GS dispensing pumps
  • GSA dispensing pumps
  • Special dispensing pumps (VITA – GSA Adoré – Hiflow – Long spout)
  • Cream pumps


Vented trigger sprayer

December 2018 - Dexter vented sprayer: new in our trigger sprayer range.

Partner of Guala Dispensing since 2015, Fidel Fillaud sells several models designed by the Italian supplier of sprayers. The Dexter vented sprayer is a new addition to our range.

Plastic bottles for industrial use

November 2018 - Fidel Fillaud offers packaging solutions for the industrial market with a wide range of HDPE plastic bottles of different shapes paired with closures for various uses.

•    Cylindrical plastic bottles
•    Plastic spray bottles
•    Rectangular plastic bottles
•    Toilet cleaner bottles
•    Dishwashing detergent bottles
•    Double neck dosing bottles
•    Small capacity non-stacking bottles and jugs
•    Plastic laboratory bottles

Examples of use: cleaning products, swimming pool chemicals, detergents, dyes, lubricants, oils, moss control products, pesticides, parasite treatments, etc.

Examples of closures: ordinary or tamper-evident lids, flip-top lids, push-pull lids, dosing lids, child-resistant lids, dosing pumps, trigger sprayers, misting pumps, etc.

Food-grade plastic bottles

June 2018 - Discover our two new ranges:

  • Cylindrical PET bottles
  • Coextruded Top Down squeezer bottles

And our other ranges of food-grade bottles.

  • PE flat or round shoulder bottles
  • PE bottles
  • PET “wine bottles”
  • PET squeezer bottles

Long nozzle dispensing pumps for bottles

May 2018 - Discover our new long nozzle dispensing pumps for bottles, ideal for dispensing:

  • cleaning products (laundry detergents, soap, cleansers, detergents, etc.)
  • pharmaceutical and personal care products (gels, creams)

Products available from stock in 28PP or 28/410 neck finishes.


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