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Recycled plastic cosmetic bottles (PCR)

Fidel Fillaud offers a range of PCR* bottles and PCR associated accessories. Different percentages of recycled material are possible depending on the model and capacity required.


Eco-designed AIRLESS bottles

With this eco-solution "AIRLESS pouch bottle + 100% plastic pump*" we offer you a practical, safe and durable container.


Colour plastic buckets

May 2019 - Discover our new range of colourful plastic buckets from 1 to 30 litres. If you want to stand out on the market, opt for a brightly coloured bucket with a lid and handle in the same colour.


Aluminium bottles, cans, vials and canisters for cosmetics

April 2019 - If you’re looking for elegant, premium aluminium containers for your cosmetic product, take a look at our aluminium bottles and cans and our aluminium screw-top bottles and cans.

Plastic pallets

April 2019 - Strong, waterproof, healthy, easy to clean, plastic pallets are an ideal alternative to wooden pallets. Fidel Fillaud offers a range of recycled plastic pallets (with feet or stringers, of various weights and dimensions) and hygienic pallets (for sensitive environments).

Choose the right pallet for your needs:

Pails, jerrycans, drums and IBCs for the agribusiness industry

April 2019 - Fidel Fillaud proposes a wide range of containers suitable for packaging powders and liquids. These containers comply with the requirements of the agribusiness sector: hygiene, preservation of foodstuffs, transport and storage conditions.

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Recycled plastic bottles

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