Colour plastic buckets

Colour plastic buckets

May 2019 - Discover our new range of colourful plastic buckets from 1 to 30 litres. If you want to stand out on the market, opt for a brightly coloured bucket with a lid and handle in the same colour.





  • 5 capacities: 1L – 2.5L – 5L – 10L – 30L
  • 5 colours: yellow – red – blue – black – clear
  • Bail handle on the 1L - 2.5L - 5L and 10L buckets / side handles on the 30 litre buckets
  • material: PP
  • food grade
  • tamper-evident


Minimum order quantity: one pallet. 



The range

1L yellow
ref 26173
1L red
ref 26177
1L blue
ref 26176
1L black
ref 26175
1L clear
ref 26178
2,5L yellow
ref 26180
2,5L red
ref 26183
2,5L blue
ref 26179
2,5L black
ref 26182
2,5L clear
ref 26181
5L yellow
ref 26185
5L red
ref 26186
5L blue
ref 26187
5L black
ref 26184
5L clear
ref 26188
10L yellow
ref 26191
10L red
ref 26190
10L blue
ref 13880
10L black
ref 14102
10L clear
ref 26189
30L yellow
ref 26192
30L red
ref 26193
30L blue
ref 25468
30L black
ref 14426


30L Bucket with side handles - red


The 30L black bucket is also available in recycled plastic (PP- PCR). 
This model is not food grade.



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