Discover our range of graduated jugs

Discover our range of graduated jugs

June, 2015 - Fidel Fillaud offers a broad range of graduated jugs. Practical, tough, light, and accurate, these customizable, high-quality products can be used in all industries and services.



  • material: CRYSTAL PP – High transparency
  • capacities: 250ml – 500ml – 1L – 2L –3L
  • open handle
  • graduations on 1 side
  • tapered bottom



Measurement of pellets, powders, and liquids in a broad varietyof industries and services:

  • Chemicals: paints – chemicals –detergents – plant care products
  • Automotive: paints – cleaningproducts
  • Building: glues – powders –paints
  • Food industry: agri-food products
  • Healthcare – Pharmaceuticals:Laboratories; medical, dental, and veterinary sector
  • Agriculture: Farming cooperatives


  • High transparency: easy-to-see contents
  • High accuracy dosing: graduations in ml,standard colour blue (colour and units customizable to order)
  • Heat resistance: withstands 60°C
  • Certified food-grade
  • Nested stacking: space savings
  • Practical to use: good hand hold due to openhandle design



Product features

Customize your jug and make it do your advertising for you

  • Affix your logo and message(in up to 5-colour printing)
  • Choose your graduation(colour/units/divisions)

Available for orders of 500 or more units


Dare to choose colour
in the 500ml size we offer coloured jugs

  • Four colour options : yellow, green, red, andblue)
  • Graduated in ml on one side (colour black)
  • Customization available (name/logo)

Available for orders of 500 or more units per colour


Our range of graduated jugs

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see product item page
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250 ml*

500 ml




Colour neutral naturel
(yellow, green, yellow,
red to order)
neutral neutral neutral
Scale 5 ml 10 ml 10 ml 20 ml 50 ml
Height 115 mm 140 mm 167 mm 212 mm 242 mm
Diameter 75 mm 100 mm 125 mm 148 mm 170 mm

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