IBC - Plastic tote - 1000L - Recycled

IBC - Plastic tote - 1000L - Recycled

February 2018 - In our range of 1000L IBCs, we offer recycled IBCs: "reconditioned" and "rebottled" 1000L IBCs.

We offer recycled IBCs thanks to partnerships with 2 major players on the industrial packaging waste recycling market, NCG and Emb-i-Pack.

1000 litre plastic IBCs - "reconditioned" or "rebottled" (new tote tank)?

It depends on how you plan to use your IBC. Reconditioned IBCs are compatible only with industrial applications, rebottled IBCs (new tote tank) are suitable for all sectors of activity.

> two solutions are available:

> IBC 1000L washed liner:


  • on-site collection of used IBCs
  • thorough cleaning of every component
  • verification and testing before release to the market

After inspection, these IBCs retain their mechanical characteristics as well as their original accreditation for use in the transport of hazardous substances.


> IBC 1000 L new liner

  • on-site collection of used IBCs
  • removal of used liner and replacement with new
  • thorough cleaning of the cage and palette
  • verification and testing before release to the market

Once rebuilt, these IBCs regain all the characteristics of a new IBC. They are suitable for use in all industries and services: chemicals-paints, foodstuffs, cosmetics, healthcare.


Recycled IBCs: 2 reliable partners

The partners we work with, NCG and Emb-i-Pack are specialised in recycling solutions for used industrial packaging.

Their specific expertise and experience in the field, associated with a strict, controlled process, enable them to guarantee high quality recycled containers.


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