Metal pails: 1 Diameter / 6 different lids!

December 2016 - By partnering with Italian manufacturer Metalscatola, Fidel Fillaud now offers a range of white tinplate pails Ø180, with a choice of 6 different lids.


The advantages => Just one open head pail can be used with any of the lids = Just one stock of pails to manage for 6 lids.

The pails


Shape: conical
5 capacities: 2.5 L - 3.5 L- 4 L - 5 L - 6 L
Just 1 diameter: 180
Available in unlined interior and varnished interior (different coatings available)




The Ø 180 pails can be fitted with:
•    the standard metal handle,
•    a plastic handle (general public design),
•    a handle on the lid (see photo) => In this case the pail can be ordered with no handle



The 6 lids

2 models not UN rated

Press-on lid

Plug lid with plastic ring,,
with or without handle


4 models rated UN liquid

Press-on lid with plastic ring,,
with or without handle

Plug lid with metal ring

Pails lid Plug lid (with locking ring)


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