New range of high quality HDPE pill jars


December 2016 - Discover our 7 new models of tamper-evident, certified food grade PE pill jars.

  • Capacities: 30 to 200 ml
  • Material: HDPE (High Density Polyethylene)
  • Manufacturing process: extrusion / blown
  • Origin: France


High-quality products Special features
  • Certified food grade material and manufacturing process (compliant with EC Regulation No. 10/2011 relating to plastic materials and articles intended to come into contact with foodstuffs)
  • Guaranteed free from phthalates or bisphenol A
  • Compliant with REACH
  • White snap-on pill jars
  • 2 100ml models to meet all your customer needs.
  • 2 capacities available with no shoulder once the cap is on: 100ml and 75ml
  • Guaranteed product line effect thanks to the 6 capacities available


Multiple applications

Can be used for a wide variety of products in various sectors:


medicines, food supplements, slimming products, dental products, veterinary products
dietary products and proteins, cooking aids, spices and herbs, pollen and propolis, creatine, powdered food colouring
insecticides, pigments, detergents tablets, pesticides



Tamper-evident : the pill jars and caps are produced in France by a single manufacturer (Eskiss Packaging), ensuring perfect compatibility between body and accessories, and guaranteed to be tamper-evident

Fast delivery times: the 7 standard models are in stock and available right away

Low MOQ: Order as little as 1 carton




capes pour piluliers PE et PET

Customization:  :

Create a colourful range!

  • Cap 43 available in stock in 3 colours: white, red and green
  • Coloured pill jars available on request from 10,000 units
  • Non-standard cap colours (bright green, dark green, blue, yellow, orange) available from 21,000 units

Mark your products!

2 colour screen-printing from 10,000 units

UV inks with no traces of heavy metals or solvents

Discover the full range

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31,5 neck finish, snap-on 43 neck finish, snap-on 60 neck finish, snap-on
Ø 36.6 mm Ø 36.6 mm Ø 45 mm Ø 45 mm Ø 50 mm Ø 68 mm Ø 68 mm
H. 50,5 mm H. 71 mm H . 72 mm H. 87 mm H . 80.5 mm H. 75.5 mm H.89 mm
5,50 g 8 g 10g 12g 12g 19g 21,5g
1500 u/cardboard 1000 u/cardboard 540 u/cardboard 500 u/cardboard 460 u/cardboard 260 u/cardboard 220 u/cardboard

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Recycled plastic bottles

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