New to our range of sprayers

New to our range of sprayers

September, 2015 – Fidel Fillaud offers the stylishness and quality you expect from a major player in the world market by incorporating three models of spray head by Guala in its range.



Sprayers combining stylishness, effectiveness, and ease of use, lending themselves to a broad variety of liquids, e.g.,

  • janitorial products (cleaner, disinfectant, detergent, stain remover, polish, etc.)
  • insecticides
  • veterinary products
  • plant care
  • cosmetics and pharmaceuticals (sun blocker, hair care, disinfectant, etc.)

The range

TS3 Dexter: a standard product that comes in 5 finished looks!

feuille copie Flacons+TS3

TS3-Dexter Product item page

TS3-Dexter-Green Product item page TS3-Dexter-Red Product item page TS3-Dexter-Blue Product item page

TS3 Neutral

Product item page


  • Nozzle types: spray head with on/off setting
  • Dose: 1.3ml
  • Neck finish: 28/410


  • Proven effectiveness : 3 billion units sold worldwide
  • High quality product: every part inspected on the production lines
  • Eco-friendly
  • A wide variety of standard colour options: white, white/neutral, blue/white, red/white, green/white
  • Translucent colours for a “fashion” range

TS1: a versatile product!



  • Pre-compression spray head
  • Nozzle type: standard
  • Dose: 0.6ml
  • Neck finish: TS1 snap-on
  • Colour: white (standard)


  • Versatile sprayer (broad chemical compatibility *
  • Compatible with the majority of concentrated detergents
  • Eco-friendly
  • On-off setting
  • Powerful, fine, uniform spray with no dripping
  • High precision (constant dosing and spray quality)
  • Avoids leakage
  • Comfortable to use:only a mild effort required on the trigger

Consult the product item page

TS5: innovation hits the sprayer market!

feuille copie Flacon+TS5


  • Pre-compression spray head
  • Nozzle type: Wide sprayer with on-off setting
  • Dose: 1.2ml
  • Neck finish: 28/410
  • Colour: white/crystal (standard)


  • Innovative product

> higher visibility on-off setting

> lightweight (eco-design)

> tougher spray head

  • Eco-friendly
  • Versatile spray: broad product compatibility*
  • Can be used for viscous products

Consult the product item page

Options available to order

Subject to minimum order quantity

=> Other nozzle types

=> Other neck finishes
(for TS3 Dexter)

Colour customization

Palette-couleur3 copie

Syphon stem cutting service

ciseaux_tiges - 3

Child safety

sécu-enfant copie


Discover our comprehensive range of spray heads and dosing pumps

The Fidel Fillaud staff can provide you with the closure system best suited to your product thanks to a broad choice of colours and a variety of features (trigger spray, dosing pumps, spray/cream pumps, dispenser pumps, etc.)

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*Fidel Fillaud guarantees the customer that the components making up the supplies will function as designed. The onus is however on customers to verify the physical and chemical compatibility of these supplies with their products in normal conditions of use, storage and transport, without the Supplier’s liability being thereby engaged. See Standard Terms of Sale.

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