Opt for renovated IBCs !

Opt for renovated IBCs!

November 2014 – Fidel Fillaud offers a range of renovated intermediate bulk containers from Mauser’s ECO-CYCLE sustainability initiative.


Fidel Fillaud is a partner of Mauser, the manufacturer who has implemented the ECO-CYCLE concept, where innovation rubs shoulders with durability.

A range of renovated IBCs from MAUSER ECO-CYCLE

With long years of experience in the handling and processing of chemical residues of all kinds, the Mauser Group is perfectly qualified to produce reconditioned IBCs.

By means of its ECO-CYCLE scheme, it organizes a complete, traceable renovation cycle for its containers.

> two solutions are available:


> IBC 1000L washed liner:

  • on-site collection of used IBCs
  • thorough cleaning of every component
  • verification and testing before release to the market

After inspection, these IBCs retain their mechanical characteristics as well as their original accreditation for use in the transport of hazardous substances.


> IBC 1000 L new liner
-    on-site collection of used IBCs
-    removal of used liner and replacement with new
-    thorough cleaning of the cage and palette
-    verification and testing before release to the market

Once rebuilt, these IBCs regain all the characteristics of a new IBC. They are suitable for use in all industries and services: chemicals-paints, foodstuffs, cosmetics, healthcare.
Any IBCs that cannot be reconditioned are recycled by regrinding and reused by Mauser in its production process.

Your IBC in a nutshell

  • Dimensions: 100 x 120 x 116cm
  • Accredited for the transport of hazardous substances
  • Transportation of liquids with densities of up to 1.9 G.
  • Neutral liner made from HDPE, UV stabilized, food grade
  • 2 identification plates

Characteristics of the IBCs in our range

  • UN accreditation for the transport of hazardous substances
  • Deaeration system: pressure balancing lid to order
  • Anti-UV protection to order
  • SMEX antistatic system to order
  • Butterfly or spherical ball valves, NB 50 or 80
  • Tank opening NB 225 or 150
  • High-strength galvanized steel cage
  • Plastic or plastic & metal pallet – optional Easy-Way or wood pallet

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