Pails, jerrycans, drums and IBCs for the agribusiness industry

Pails, jerrycans, drums and IBCs

April 2019 - Fidel Fillaud proposes a wide range of containers suitable for packaging powders and liquids. These containers comply with the requirements of the agribusiness sector: hygiene, preservation of foodstuffs, transport and storage conditions.

  • small & medium volume containers: pails & jerrycans plastic,
  • large volume containers: drums plastic and metal
  • large bulk containers: IBC plastic and stainless steel

Discover our hygienic plastic pallet


Plastic pails for the agribusiness industry

Round, rectangular and square plastic (PP) pails, with orwithout handle, various colours  

Capacities: from1 to 60 litres


  • Human foodstuffs: egg products, herringfillets/rollmops, seaweed, products, condiments, spices & mixtures, herbs, popcorn, toppings, confectionery
  • Animal foodstuffs: seeds, granules, flakes,kibbles, pet treats


Plastic jugs/jerrycans for the agribusiness industry

Plastic (food grade HDPE) jugs, jerrycans, stackable or not,with or without level viewer, various colours

NON-STACKABLE jugs/jerrycans STACKABLE jerrycans

Volumes: from 125mL to 6 L

Uses: egg products, edible oils, sauces,coulis, juices, etc.

Volumes: from 2 to 30L

Uses: egg products, edible oils, sauces, coulis, juices, etc.


Drums for the agribusiness industry

Metal and plastic drums, with bung or open head, with or withouthandle, various colours

Metal drums Plastic drums

Material: steel

Volumes of metal drums with bung: 6 to 235L
Volumes of metal drums with open head: 6 to223 L

Uses: flavourings, honey, oils, syrups, food colouring, etc.

Material: Foodgrade HDPE (high density polyethylene)

Volumes of HDPE drums: 30 to 220 L

Uses: flavourings, oils, syrups, dairy products, food colouring, etc.


Containers - large bulk containers - for the agribusiness industry

Plastic or stainless steel tank IBC containers, various types of pallet

IBC - stainless steel containers IBC - plastic containers

Volumes: from 500 to 2000 L

Uses: oils, milk, soups, fruit juices, etc.

Volumes: 1000 L

Uses: oils, milk, soups, fruit juices, etc.


Special hygienic plastic pallet for foodstuffs

Discover the "clean" pallet: smooth plastic pallet for quick and easy cleaning.

  • Material: PE
  • Dimensions: 1200x800x160 mm
  • Weight: 18 kg
  • With stringers for storage on rack

Also discover our range of recycled plastic pallets

Recycled plastic bottles

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