Sleeved jerricans: Our turnkey solution

Sleeved jerricans: Our turnkey solution

January 2016 - Stand out from the crowd, effortlessly! Enjoy our new turnkey solution providing sleeved jerricans.

  • We help you choose the best jerrican for your needs
  • We provide support in designing your sleeve (dimension, design, colours)
  • The sleeves are placed on the jerricans 
  • We deliver your jerricans "ready-to-fill"

Sleeves: an innovative, durable and aesthetic solution to replace labels

360° promotion

Maximum promotional surface for strong shelf impact.

High quality graphics

  • Flexographic printing in up to 9 colours or CMYK
  • Excellent print quality
  • Glossy finish


The sleeves we offer are:

  • UV and water resistant
  • suitable for jerricans subject to heavy use
  • suitable for jerricans used in damp environments

Environmentally friendly

  • sleeve made from 100% recyclable PE
  • water-based ink for solvent-free printing

Additional benefits

  • possibility of individual marking with incremented numbers or barcodes to ensure traceability of your products
  • glueless = no peeling labels

Décomatic: a company recognized for its quality

Made-in-FranceCreated in 1956, Décomatic has over 30 years of experience in manufacturing sleeves. The company has its own production facility, and its products are 100% designed and manufactured in France.

Décomatic sleeves are made of stretchable polyethylene 50 to 120 microns thick depending on the use. The sleeves offered as standard by Fidel Fillaud are 80 microns (Possibility of thicker sleeves as needed / based on product use conditions).

Décomatic works for major brands in France and abroad and is certified ISO 9001, ISO 9002 and ISO 14001 (with an extension to eco-design).

Our range of sleevable jerricans


Stackable jerricans

  • KDSE range
Capacities Minimum order*
2L - 2,5L - 3L 2800 to 3500
5L 5600
10L 4700 to 5400
6L - 10L - 12L 4000 to 5500
20L 3500 to 3900
25L 1500 to 1800







* Varies depending on model, capacity, colour and weight


  • VP range and Series 90
Capacities Minimum order*
5L 24320 (2 full trucks)
10L from 12160









  • RKE range
Capacity Minimum order*
20L 3000




* Depends on colour





  • 61040 and 62060 range
Capacities Minimum order*
10L 2000
20L 2000




* Varies depending on model, weight and colour





Non-stackable jerricans

  • JERIFI, M20 and M50 ranges
Capacities Minimum order*
500ml 11000
1L (possibility of level viewer) 11000
1,5L (possibility of level viewer) 11000
2L (possibility of level viewer) 11000
5L (possibility of level viewer) 12312
* Depends on colour



Fluorinated jerricans

  • Jerrichem, Ag-Chem ranges


Capacities Minimum order*
2L (not stackable) from 12672
3L (not stackable) from 9504
5L (not stackable) from 5184
5L agro (not stackable) from 4704
10L agro (not stackable) from 2940
11L (stackable) from 2688
* Varies depending on model, sleeving process, weight and colour

Recycled plastic bottles

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