Vented trigger sprayer

vented trigger sprayer

December 2018 - Dexter vented sprayer: new in our trigger sprayer range.

Partner of Guala Dispensing since 2015, Fidel Fillaud sells several models designed by the Italian supplier of sprayers. The Dexter vented sprayer is a new addition to our range.

This sprayer is equipped with a seal that allows the gas emanating from the product to escape through a venting membrane.

The impermeable and breathable membrane prevents leakage while allowing the gas to escape.




This vented trigger sprayer is specially designed for gas-releasing products such as hydrogen peroxide contained in:  

  • hydrogen peroxide,
  • hair dye,
  • bleaching products,
  • bathroom cleansers/disinfectants




  • Dose dispensed: 1.30ml
  • Material: PE/PP, PE seal
  • Neck finish: 28/410
  • Colour: White
  • 270mm tube (size customizable on request)

Dexter vented trigger sprayer Neck Finish 28/410 – ref. 25583


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Compatible bottles


Examples of plastic bottles for industrial use compatible with our vented sprayer  

CERES bottle ;
neck finish: 28/410

 500ml WHITE - ref 17410

750ml NATURAL - ref 17414

750ml WHITE - ref 17415

VENUS bottle ;
neck finish: 28/410

500ml WHITE - ref 17373

750ml NATURAL - ref 17378

750ml WHITE - ref 17379

FOME bottle ;
neck finish: 28/410

 500ml WHITE - ref 17799

500ml NATURAL - ref 17800

750ml NATURAL - ref 17802

750ml WHITE - ref 17803


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