Tip of the Month!

Venting systems (pressure relief - vacuum relief - pressure equalizer caps)

  • When to use them?
  • The risks associated with deformed packaging
  • Examples of systems
  • Prohibitions, obligations and precautions for use


Which sprayer for which applications?

May 2016

  • The Basics
  • How do I choose my sprayer?
  • Which type of sprayer is best for which applications?

Pressure sensitive cap seals versus heat seals: which to choose and how to store them?

February 2016

  • Description and use
  • Applications and types
  • How do I choose my cap seal?
  • Storage recommendations


IBC totes: recycling and proper use

March 2016

  • The life cycle of an IBC
  • Recycling an IBC
  • How are recycled IBC used?

Dangerous goods packaging ratings- EPISODE 2

January 2016

  • Determine the type of packaging you need
  • How to buy the right packaging?
  • Additional recommendations
  • References

Dangerous goods packaging ratings - Episode 1

December 2015

  • Overview
  • What does a dangerous goods rating label look like?
  • What does the sequence of numbers and letters mean?
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