Les Ateliers du Landas

Les Ateliers du Landas
Located in Rezé, near Nantes, Les Ateliers du Landas has 2 goals.



Employ people with disabilities who cannot work in a normal business environment

Offer companies, communities and individuals quality service in 5 different fields of activities (carpentry / outsourcing / industrial services / food service / greens spaces).



Accommodate the employees 

Opened in 1971, Les Ateliers du Landas now enables 130 people with disabilities to be gainfully employed

The support teams help each worker produce quality work at his or her ability level through accessible workstations, specially designed tools and accountability.

Fidel Fillaud has had a partnership with Les Ateliers du Landas since 2005.

logo-esatco« Les Ateliers du Landas » est un établissement membre du réseau esatco Atlantique.

Les Ateliers du Landas - 64 rue de la Classerie - 44400 Rezé - 02 40 84 13 34 - lesateliersdulandas@esatco44.fr



Recycled plastic bottles

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