Food grade containers


Fidel Fillaud offers a wide range of containers for packaging:

  • liquid food products (milk, cream, yoghurt drinks, soup, fruit juice, alcohol, flavouring, colouring, topping, coulis, honey, sauce, olive oil, walnut oil, etc.)
  • solid food products (meat, fish, Tarama, fruits, dried fruits and nuts, vegetables, confectionery, olives, peanuts, crackers, etc.)
  • powders (sugar, yeast, chocolate, tea, spices, salt, pepper and other condiments, etc.)
  • dietary supplements (tablets, capsules, etc.)
  • animal feed and feed supplements (seeds, pellets, flakes, kibble, powders, oils, tablets, etc.)

This range geared toward the food and agri-food industries is available in various materials: metal, plastic (PE, PP, PET), aluminium and glass.

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