Pump sprayers for food

Pump sprayers

Material: PP/PE, aluminium/PE
Neck finishes: 18 DIN - 20/410 - 24/410 - 24/415 - 28/400 - 28/410

  • Alcohol phase products: fragrances, home fragrances, purifier, shoe deodorizers, foot care (sweating, mycosis), irritated throat spray, breath freshener spray, antiseptic solution, mosquito repellent, lice treatment, eyeglasses cleaner, etc.
  • Aqueous phase products: after-sun care (water-oil), hair care (nourishing mask, biphase detangler, etc.), perfumed floral waters, pillow mists, etc.
  • Oil phase products: sunscreen, after-sun, hair care (nourishing mask, detangler, hair regrowth treatment, etc.), premium olive oils, food flavourings, etc.

The Company warrants the functionality of the components of the supplies sold. The customer is responsible for checking the physical and chemical compatibility with its products under normal conditions of use, storage and transport, without liability to the Company. See our "General Terms and Conditions"

* Please, log in to your account or contact us to ensure the food grade standards of our packagings.

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